About Dennis Bounds CPA 


Dennis Bounds received his BBA in Accounting from Northeast Louisiana University (now University of Louisiana at Monroe) in August, 1983 and received his CPA certification in November 1988. He worked in corporate accounting for over 15 years in the medical industry, the oil industry, and manufacturing.

In June, 2000, Dennis established his accounting practice in Spring, Texas, where he has continued for over 11 years.


Dennis Bounds grew up in northwestern Louisiana, the youngest of four brothers. Upon graduation from college in August, 1983, he moved to the Houston, Texas area. He met and soon married his wife of 27 years, Rebecca. They have three children, the youngest of which is a freshman at Texas A&M University. The two older children have completed their college educations at University of Texas at Dallas and Texas A&M University. Rebecca is also a Texas A&M graduate, class of ’03. The Bounds family places a very high priority on quality education.

Dennis enjoys spending time with Rebecca and their three Shelties: Chester, Chaunsea, and Phoebe.

Who We Are

At Dennis Bounds, CPA, we have served clients in the Spring, Texas area for over 11 years. We provide accounting, bookkeeping, and tax services. Among the many services included in this broad spectrum are:

·         Accounting System and Services Needs Assessment

·         Accounting System Design and Selection

·         Accounting System Setup and Implementation

·         Payroll Processing Services

·         Training and Guidance

·         Financial Reporting and Financial Analysis

·         Financial Statement Review Services

·         Financial Statement Audit Services

·         Tax Planning and Compliance

·         Tax Return Preparation (Income, Payroll, etc.)

·         Audits by IRS and Other Compliance and Enforcement Agencies

·         Tax Issue Resolution Services

·         Business Management Consulting

Often, fulfillment of clients’ needs involves more than one of these services. We work with clients to evaluate needs and possible solutions, determine which solutions will best suit the client and their circumstances, implement the solution as efficiently as possible, and establish a new environment to provide support and stability for the client following our initial engagement. Some engagements are one-time issues and we work to expedite these as quickly and efficiently as possible, while taking care to know our client and all of their needs in the process. Others are longer-term. We seek to establish a rapport with the client that enables the client to feel at ease, realizing we really do seek to help them with whatever issues bring them to us.

We never forget that we aren’t the only provider of quality services in town. Clients have a choice. We are determined to make ourselves a great choice and deeply appreciate every client who gives us the opportunity to prove ourselves.

“As a Certified Public Accountant, I essentially sell two things: Expertise and Integrity. I was raised to understand that honesty and integrity are more important than anything else you can offer to others. There is no substitute for integrity. I’ve gained expertise through education and experience. I work to provide the benefits of my expertise and integrity to each of my clients. If my work pleases my clients, I hope they will tell others. If not, I hope they will tell me.” – Dennis Bounds, CPA

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